Community Arts

Art is powerful. Creative expression is an imperative.

I saw the power of art in fostering personal well-being and building community when I started working with children with special needs in the UTSAH project. That experience has stayed with me. More recent projects have only confirmed that art – song, music, dance, images, films, photos – all forms of creative expression soothe and satisfy the human spirit. My artist friend’s reply to the question, “Why art?” is the one of the best I have heard, “Is that even a question?”
Currently I create opportunities for creative expression and participation in the areas of education and health. The goal is to make all forms of art accessible to patients, clients, residents and staff in education and healthcare.
My community arts projects invite you to pause, reflect and share your story. Without a question. Because your story matters.

Stir a Memory food memories drawn and written here. First Lady Michelle Obama shared her food memory. The social media event became famous for the turnip.
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